Advans Bank Tanzania aims to provide adapted financial services primarily to micro, small and medium sized enterprise (MSMEs) in Tanzania, which have limited or no access to formal banking services.

It is our focus to ensure Return on Investment and Social development, by and for continuously improved services to clients.



  Open to all

We ensure equal access to services and non-discriminatory towards race, gender, age, religious belief and ethnicity among others as enshrined in our shareholders policy, Advans Bank Tanzania policy and the regulatory bodies.



We handle our duties with a high level of expertise, competence and responsibility and adhere to moral and ethical principles in order to build strong and confident relationships with our clients.


  Transparency and integrity

Terms and conditions of services shall always be explained in the clearest manner to the client, and a strict culture of integrity is developed among staff in the company.


  Environmental and Social Responsibility

As a responsible member of the microfinance industry, Advans Bank Tanzania does not only consider the economic impact of its operations but also takes into account the specific social and environmental issues prevailing when dealing with MSMEs. Advans Bank Tanzania is highly committed to:

  • Comply with local regulations and identify relevant social and environmental issues relating to operations
  • Respect fundamental human and social principles, based on International Conventions
  • Increase awareness of environmental issues among employees and clients in order to reduce negative environmental impact
  • Constantly seek to improve social and environmental practices. Advans Bank Tanzania considers staff development as key to the viability of its activities,fostering growth and guaranteeing the quality of services.
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